Jumat, 04 November 2011

what #

If you love something let it go,
If it comes back to you it's yours,
If t doesn't, it never was,
and it's not meant to be..

Home is 
where I can look and feel ugly and enjoy it

is not about  speaking big things
but actually, it's about understanding small things.

You have to learn that sometimes it isn't love..
It's just a feeling,
A sudden feeling,
and you just overreacted..
Do you know what's hard about being too strong?
Well, nobody might care to ask if you're hurt..

Don't be so quick to judge me....
you only see what I choose to show.

Being left alone, with my mind, is actually quite dangerous..

and in the end,
some of your greatest pains
become your greatest strengths

we all have stories we'll never tell

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