Senin, 12 November 2012

Bulbo #6

1. What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up?
     today? "what time is it? must go to campus today -___-"

2. What did you do last night?
    watched arashi variety show until midnight

3. What, to you, is the most important part of your life?
    my life of course and people around me

4. What would you rather be doing right now?
     watching other Arashi show xD

5. What did you last cry over?
     forgot.. -____-

6. What always makes you feel better when you're upset?
    pray, tell my problem to my mom
7. What have you done?
    drink water

8. What's the most important thing you look for in a significant other?
    different for each people,

9. What are you worried about?
    my future actually right now

10. What are you looking forward to most in this week?
      have picnic with some friends

1. Have you ever liked someone with a girlfriend/boyfriend?
    Maybe Yes,, or Maybe No... xD

2. Have you ever had your heart broken?
    of course ihiks..

3. Have you ever done something outrageously dumb?
    Yes, and I am so so regret with i ever did

4. Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend?
    sometimes, i have feel like that.

5. Have you ever had the cops called on you? 
    ever, my uncle and my cousin ... xD

6. Have you ever dated someone younger than you? 
    can't i count my real brother? xD

7. Have you ever read an entire book in one day? 


1. Who was the last person you saw? 
    my dormmate

2. Who was the last person you kissed?
    real kiss? my Mom i think,
3. Who was the last person you texted?
    my kouhai in campus

4. Who was the last person to call you? 
    totally forgot,

5. Who was your first crush?
    ngg, my friend #eennggg.... 

6. Who is the last person to text you?
    my senpai
7. Who is the last person you freaked out on? 
    my senpai -________-

8. Who did you last hug? 
    my friend


1. When was your last shower?
    ngg, don't answer that question. skipppp >___<

2. When did you last see your mom?
    76 days ago... TT__TT

3. When was your last time u saw your dad?
   same with my mother

4. When did you last dress up?
    ngg, for?

5. When was the last time you cried?

6. When did you last go to the movies and what did you see?

7. When did you last listen to music?
    when fill this bulbo


1. Where does your best friend live?
    deep of my heart, How deep? xD

2. Where did you last go?
    campus -_-

3. Where did you last hang out?
    Library.. xD

4. Where do you go to school?
    Vocational School 3 Metro

5. Where is your favorite place to be?
    my home

6. Where did you sleep last night?
     in my bedroom, on the floor


1. Do you like someone right now?
    YES !!! not someone but some people.. xD

2. Do they like you too?
    i think..

3. Do you ever wish you were someone else?
    thought maybe, wish NEVER !!

4. Do you know the muffin man?
    ngg, i don't know. but i know chocolate muffin nyum nyum

5. Does the future scare you?


1. Why are you best friends with your best friend?
    don't know,

2. Why did you get a friendster?
    meet my friends from elementary and junior high, but now friendster is gone :(

3. Why did your parents give you the name you have?

4. Why are you where you are now?
   where else?

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