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1. Put Your i-tunes, windows media player, Winamp etc on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name

If someone says “is this okay?” you say..
Sajojo -Lagi Daerah
[Sajo jo.. apa'an ngga ada ide.. -__-)?]

How would you describe yourself?
I'll be a virgin, I'll be a mountain – Ost. Coffee Prince
[My thoughts are flowing
My love is growing
My dreams have ended
And my soul is stranded
Now that it's over

agak-agak pas ini xD] 

What do you like in a guy/girl?
Ring Ding Dong - Shinee ft Ye Sung
[Butterfly! When I first saw you
You flashed in front of my eyes
My brain stopped and the bell rang ding dong

You're like a butterfly! You were too weak, you fell
You were too gentle, you fell
I have to be by your side
Don't worry about it, Don't worry
Just trust me, and everything will be okay

ssyyyyyuuuuuuu...syuuuu..... xD]]
 How do you feel today?
Dreams Come True - Hey Say! Jump
[No matter what tomorrow brings
It can’t change our passion
Your smile always gives me courage (always)


What is your life’s purpose?
Shadow Waltz – Spring Waltz
[Let me linger long.
Let me live my song.
In the winter let me bring the spring
To you.
Let me feel that I mean everything
To you.
Love's old song will be new.
In the shadows when I come and sing To you.

Suara v3 ngga sebagus itu sayangnya xD

What is your motto?
No one –F.Cuz
[Just take everything away from me, take it all away, I have no more to lose.
My heart wants to forget you, you you, I don’t like people like you.

Sedihnya :))]

What do your friends think of you?
Again – SS501
[I didn't know the meaning of separation
Even if I push away my feelings, my tears remain
baby say again
baby please say again
I'll turn back to look to say I forgive you
tell me where you are
Please don't leave me
So I can feel you once more

pok-pokpok... xD]

What do you think of your parents?
Untitled 'for her' – Ayumi Hamasaki
[Supposing everyone goes on the endless road
Over that cloud to the sky
Sooner or later
Be sure to wait for me

And then, we will talk away
With our countless memories

Can you see me from your place ?
Are you watching over me ?

Though this may be a common expression
You stay alive
Always as you are
In my heart

huhu.... pas lagunya... TT__TT]

What do you think about very often?
Love is weaken when it comes out of mouth – Ost. The 1st Shop of Coffe Prince
[It's hard to spell from L to E.
Love is weaken when it comes out of mouth.
I'm not a lighthouse can't shine you a light.
I'm just a pillow can nap for a while.

Don't leave me. (have) a little more time.
Don't leave me. (have) a little more time.
Apaan (-_______-!!)]

What is 2 + 2?
Sorry Sorry – Super Junior
[I’m going crazy crazy baby
Ddanddan ddanddada dda ddaranddan
Ddanddan ddanddada dda 


What do you think of your best friends?
Yamko Rambe Yamko – Lagu daerah
[Arti Yamko Rambe Yamko: 
Hai jalan yang dicari sayang perjanjian
sungguh pembunuhan di dalam negri
sebagai bunga bangsa
bunga bangsa, bunga bangsa, bunga bangsa
bunga bertaburan
bunga bangsa, bunga bangsa, bunga bertumbuh
di taman pahlawan

Jadi?? hahaha.........]

What do you think of the person you like?
Spring Rain –Ji Hye
[pas ini lagunya.. x3]

What is your life story?
Venus – Shinhwa
[I keep going to the same place as you – destiny
Even by looking at your shadow, I feel you
Now I’m going crazy in case I lose you
You light up, light up, light up, light up

ngga tahu mau motong lagunya yang mana yang nyerempet.. x3]

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Koi Hanabi – Ost. Kirarin Revolution
[Because I feel happy for being able to meet
another new me...
But if it can't come true,
I won't think things like how
I didn't want to know about the extent of the sky
Because, even if for just a moment
I'll feel proud that
they were able to shine...

ya ya ya ya....... xD]

What do you think of when you see the person you like?
naik sepeda – lagu anak-anak
[kring -kring... hahaha]

What will u dance to at ur wedding?
Believe – Super junior
[aku sangat beruntung bisa bertemu denganmu
karena kau bisa membuatku tersenyum hanya dengan berada di dekatku
aku bisa menemukanmu bahkan jika kau pergi jauh ke sana
karena kau sedang tersenyum dalam diriku

cakep.. pas ini lagu.. :9]

 What will they play at your funeral?
Secret Waltz – Ost. Goong S
[Walah.. serasa di kerajaan-kerajaan gitu jadinya x3]

What is your hobby/interest?
Beginner –AKB 48
[Are we dreaming?
Are we believing in future?
Afraid of nothing, careless of what’s our place
As reckless as we are
Are we dreaming now?

maybe yes, xD]

 What is your biggest fear?
Mizuiro Melody – Ost. Kirarin Revolution
[Certainly, at any time now, this unending melody will change
Into something unchanging

hm... ngga pas ini lagunya,, ]

What is your biggest secret?
Love is – Ost. Baker King
[Meskipun dunia membuatku menangis, aku tidak apa-apa
Karena kau selalu ada di sisiku
Kenangan seperti debu, karena berubah, meninggalkan
Aku terus tersenyum, mencoba menentramkan hatiku

cie...cie...... xD ]

What do you think of your friends?
Swing of lie – YUI
[We drift further and further apart.
I was right all along, wasn't I?
Everytime you open your mouth,
I know who you really are.

iya nya?? hahaha]

What will you post this as?
Honobono –Hironosuke Satou
[Remang-remang?? emang ngga jelas postingan ini xD]

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