Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

distracting my mind

obviously,, i can't think and choose anything right now,. being crazy if i facing something like this,..
*aaarrrrggghhhhh....... 0(>,<0) u know,, 4 choices ?? to do in same times??? WTH,,
if were could, divided me into 4 soul, so don't give me pressure like this,. *hugh,.....
i know, it is one of the risks when i takes this way,.. but it's more difficult then i though,..choose to have fun with all of my friends (hmmm,.. not really important but for solidarity i better to come), give my body some exercise where i must present so that i don't be left out by the others (this is what i really want to come),  attend consolidation about my activity in university student activity (many pressure for me to come,, although i don't think i'm important to be there), or see my activity friends that i didn't come for 3 months for our meeting, (i must return a book to my friend.. 

maybe, u see it's not a difficult choice,, >____<
but for me it's very tightened, rrrrrr............ 

ini uggnim 3-2 amales ialakgnebret gnay sagut sagut niajregn Q gnidnem

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